Seattle Film Works - Bellbrook OH

Welcome to the very first blog post on our new blog to all of you Blog Circle folks! Get the link to complete the circle at the end of this post!

"The Beths" (Beth Blair and Beth Bevelhymer) and I  are part of an amazing group of film photographers on Facebook, and recently one of the members was offering up rolls of Seattle Film Works 35mm film for free - to see what type of photographs we would all produce as part of a blog circle. So much fun to experiment with new stocks of film!

Beth Bevelhymer and I were so excited and decided to take a walk around downtown Bellbrook, and shoot things we found on the street. We weren't quite sure how to rate this film, so we just treated it as we do most other stocks of color negative film and rated it at 200 for the 400 roll, and 100 for the 200 roll. 

Our results were interesting! One of the rolls (pretty sure it was the 400, but I forgot to write it down!) came out extremely red, but the other looks great! We even intentionally opened the back of the camera to produce some fun light leaks on the second roll. I love how they turned out! Here are our results:

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